We Believe

Everyone should have equal access to opportunities.

Our mission is to provide access to life-changing educational and career opportunities.

Passage Raises C$40 Million

Seed Funding to Address Canada’s Skilled Workers Shortage.

An immigrant's reality: 10 years of earnings for one year abroad.

Immigration is expensive. For many newcomers, living in North America for a single year can require savings equivalent to an individual's average annual income over a decade.

How Passage works:

Passage brings together education institutions, employers & financial institutions with specialized technology to create simpler and more affordable pathways to a better life.
how we help

The infrastructure for social mobility.

Passage helps you unlock your potential by providing the infrastructure needed to undertake and pay for life changing opportunities.
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our goal

What if everyone could afford education?

our values

Five things we believe

Everyone deserves equal access to opportunity
It is better for everyone if opportunities are equally distributed and given to those who are most competent.
Where you
are born shouldn't limit your ability to succeed
Where someone is born, their gender, religion, race or wealth should not limit opportunities available to them.
Talent is evenly distributed throughout the world
No country has a monopoly on talent; there are brilliant people everywhere.
Financial access should be sustainable
We believe any system that empowers and finances individuals should be self sustaining so it can outlast us all.
Education is the single best way to uplift humanity
Knowledge has the power to transform countries, change minds, remove biases and build the next great inventions that will improve our world.

Our timeline to accomplish this mission:

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