Everyone should have equal access to opportunities.

Our goal is to provide you with financial support and a streamlined application process to help accelerate your arrival in Canada. Passage is empowering those who strive for more in their lives. There are countless incredible people spread around the world that are stuck because they don’t have access to money to pursue their ambitions. We all lose because of this. We are going to solve the money access problem by 2030.

Redefining immigration with a focus on exceptional talent

We're creating a robust infrastructure that not only connects talented individuals with opportunities, but also provides them with essential financial support.

Our goal is to contribute to Canada's prosperity by enabling employers to attract top global talent and ensuring equal access to these opportunities for everyone.

Affordability for the right-fit talent

The majority of immigrants with the skills that Canada really needs can't afford to study or immigrate here. Passage ensures Canada can find the best-fit immigrants for any job type we need.

A fair ecosystem for all

Our platform levels the playing field, allowing right-fit talent to thrive in Canada. This approach benefits immigrants and the country as we help Canadian employers access the talent they’re struggling to find.

Accessible study opportunities

Our tools and financial support open the doors to Canada's reputable schools and job market. We believe that financial constraints shouldn't prevent the brightest minds from accessing the best opportunities.

Passage Leadership

Martin Basiri
Founder & CEO
Jonah Finkelberg
Chief of Staff
Bobby Green
Chief Growth Officer
Iman Hassani
Chief Operating Officer
Siavash Mahmoudian
Chief Technology Officer
Mark Steinman
Chief Legal Officer
We’re Hiring

Careers @ Passage

We’re looking for the best talent to help us make life-changing educational and career opportunities accessible to all.

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