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Join the movement that reimagines the way international education works. Find and fund the best students, not the wealthiest.

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Passage connects the right-fit global talent to labor shortages in Canada through educational opportunities in vetted schools and programs.

Access for all

Today, only 1% of talent can afford to study at your institution. Incredible people all over the world are locked out because a single year of studying is equal to an entire decade's average annual income in their home country. Passage is changing the narrative from the top 1% wealthy to 100% right-fit talent.

Amplified quality

Passage is going to allow everyone to access transformative education. Imagine the impact on your campus when you can attract the brightest talent in the world that matches what the Canadian job market needs.

Integrated ecosystem

We carefully curate programs we work with to ensure student success in both academics and post-graduate employment. We invest in top global talent alongside our financial institution partners, educators, and service providers to build a comprehensive support network.

How it works

How to increase your quality and diversity with Passage


Some of the most frequently-asked questions we get from other institutions

What are the qualifying criterial for educational institutions to work with Passage?

At minimum, education partners must:

  1. Be in Canada
  2. Be a Designated Learning Institution (DLI)
  3. Be a public institution
  4. Have PGWP eligible programs related to labor shortages in Canada.
  5. Dedicate resources to help with study permit and the employment of their graduates.
  6. Be compliant with Federal and Provincial immigration policies and targets.

In addition, Passage vets individual programs to ensure Passage students have the highest possible chance of finding relevant high quality employment after graduation.

What benefits does a partnership with Passage offer to the DLI and its students?

For Canadian DLIs, a partnership with Passage can enhance their global reach, diversify its student body, and ensure they can attract the highest quality students from around the world. We do this by funding incredible students who do not have the financial resources to afford their education otherwise. Moreover, there are opportunities that allow you to streamline your application process, reduce your dependence on specific countries for enrollment, reduce the number of students who change courses or switch schools after arriving and increase diversity of your student population.

How does Passage handle the privacy and security of student data?

Passage takes the privacy and security of student data with utmost seriousness. We strictly adhere to Canadian regulations regarding data privacy and security. Our approach includes robust security measures such as data encryption in transit and at rest, secure storage solutions, and controlled access to safeguard personal and sensitive information. We conduct regular reviews and continuously update our data protection practices, ensuring that we handle student data responsibly at all times. See our Privacy Policy for more information.

Are there specific programs or fields of study that Passage focuses on?

Yes, Passage's focus is on academic programs that lead to employment in fields currently experiencing shortages in Canada. When considering partnerships with Designated Learning Institutions (DLIs), we conduct thorough background research to ensure that the institution can attract the right talent for their programs and that they have a high chance of success after graduation. It's crucial for us to support programs where graduates have a strong likelihood of employment. However, our specific areas of focus can vary, as they are influenced by our strategic partnerships with educational institutions and Canada's changing market needs.

What measures does Passage have in place for students facing financial difficulties or unexpected hardships?

To support students in such situations, we offer flexible repayment options, including the possibility of deferring loan payments under certain conditions.

How can my institution get involved in Passage's initiatives to support refugees?

Passage has committed to helping Afghan women study at top institutions in Canada as a moral imperative, but also to show a powerful precedence. If we can show that incredible talent can be found in those areas which are most disadvantaged, imagine what we can do everywhere else. We're going to lead the way by taking the risk and proving there are incredible people everywhere. If you want to help us lead this movement, contact us to see how we can work together.

Do you have a question not covered here? Contact us at hi@passage.com

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