Afghan Students Program

We want to help 100s of Afghan girls study in Canada.

Since coming into power, the Taliban has banned millions of Afghan girls from attending secondary and post-secondary school. We want to help students get the education they deserve.

A lost generation
of scholars.

With the rise of the Taliban, countless students have been abruptly cut off from their academic pursuits. This disruption is particularly severe for female students, who face even more significant challenges in accessing educational opportunities under the current regime. The current climate of uncertainty and the severe curtailment of academic freedom threaten to create a lost generation of Afghan scholars. At Passage, we believe that every individual deserves access to quality education and the chance to realize their full potential.
how we help

A pathway to new opportunities.

Our initiative, the Afghan Student Fund, will open the doors to education for Afghan students and give them the chance to study in Canadian universities and colleges. With our established relationships with Canadian universities and colleges, we are uniquely positioned to facilitate the journey of Afghan students into Canadian academia.
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our goal

Help 100s of Afghan girls study in Canada.

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